This is the first issue of The Macro Report, a look back at the most recent period of activity across This is an opportunity to catch up on the most significant updates and the like from the past month, and will focus on both the efforts of the team and third-party developers.

October was full of a mixture of interesting and exciting updates, amidst the annual season for quite a few big tech product releases. With that in mind…

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on!

In the past month…

Search & Discovery

On the web you can now access the various tagmoji filters in Discover with greater ease, thanks to the addition of a context menu at the top of the page. On top of that you can also use the search icon to look for people and Discover-featured posts.

Meanwhile, hosted accounts now include the ability to search through your own posts. This can be accessed in the Posts tab, using the search bar.

Welcome to

A two-minute introduction video was published to the Help site, in which Manton narrates an overview for getting started. This is a good summary of how best to approach the platform, from a general perspective that ought to suit the average web user.

Markdown Preview, Gift Subscriptions, and more!

When posting from the web with your hosted account you can now see a preview of your post, presented below the post editor, to get an idea of how the post will look when published. This can be especially useful for correcting mistakes before hitting ‘post’.

Amongst a batch of updates, there is now the option to gift to somebody else. When inviting somebody you can choose to pay for an annual subscription for hosting, at the cost of $50. To access this select the Plans context menu on the web.

Other changes include improvements to user moderation, and posts fetching on the web.

Sunlit was also updated with a stability-focused release that included a feature in the form of a menu you can use when adding photos from the timeline.


• • •

It’s been a busy month across development, with a variety of updates. Meanwhile, November has seen a continuation of that pace and it’ll be exciting to see what is to come.

From now on this series will be released at the very beginning of each month so the next issue will be released in about three weeks. If you catch an error in the post or have any sort of feedback, please let me know! You can contact me via the details listed on the TIL About page.

Enjoy your weekend!