After a hectic month it’s fair to say this report won’t cover everything, however that is increasingly the case with in general; the platform continues to grow, and the community with it. For all of those people who have joined or rediscovered in November, I’d like to give you a full welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy yourselves and find enough reason to stay and get involved. :)

November certainly saw some big hits, both from the team and from the community in the form of third party development. With that in mind…

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on!

In the past month… + Mastodon

You can now use your account to interact with Mastodon. This can be done by cross-posting over to Mastodon or enabling ActivityPub integration so that people on Mastodon can find you and reply to your posts. You can also reply to people on Mastodon as their posts appear throughout

This has been explained by Manton in different ways to better cover the variety of approaches one can take with these new features, from the original announcement through to a follow-up post covering ActivityPub exclusively.

Username Expansion

Usernames in now have 3 forms; account, the username you have by registering for an account; Mastodon, the username you create when activating ActivityPub integration; and IndieWeb, the username people can use if they don’t have a account but do run a site with an IndieWeb-friendly custom domain.

Help Redesign

The Home page for the Help section of has been revamped and is now built around an index list, with documents sorted by type and relevance for use. This is another step for improving transparency with as a platform, as well as upgrading navigation for direct use.

Upload improvements and more!

You can now upload a greater variety of file types to your hosted account, using the web. Photos functionality was also upgraded for hosted sites, all of which now have a JSON feed for photos.

Elsewhere, Manton made his second Q & A appearance on Micro Monday covering a number of issues in detail. The beta for Sunlit was also opened for anyone to join, using TestFlight.


• • •

November quickly became an even busier month than October, with both the community and platform showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Not mentioned here are the increasing number of posts of different kinds, fixes deployed across both official and third-party efforts, and the variety of new projects launched using!

As well as that we are also very close to the first anniversary of the public launch, which happened in December of last year. It’ll be interesting to see what people have to say about the different facets of a year on, as well as what different members of the community might have planned for the end of the year.

If you catch an error in the post or have any sort of feedback, please let me know! You can contact me via the details listed on the TIL About page.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Simon