The end of 2018 saw events across strike a nice balance between exciting updates and efforts to make the platform friendlier overall. The spirit of these efforts has been further emphasised by both a broad collection of personal end-of-year posts from across the community and the team’s comments about the work they were getting done for the new year.

With January now upon us and an exciting year ahead, it’s fair to say that now is a great time to join With that in mind…

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on!

In the past month…

iOS 1.4

The app was updated with a few features, most prominent of which was autofill for usernames which can be used when making a new post and typing an @-mention; it’s great to see this and we’ll all hopefully see it improve and spread to the other parts of the platform. Another big improvement was the function for more easily adding the alt tag to an image which can be done when adding an image to a post.

Between those updates, other image-based improvements, and some feature parity with the web app it’s fair to say this was a big update. It was especially encouraging to see multiple accessibility improvements between this and the 1.4.1 release that came soon after.

Official News

You can now get news from a single official source. The new blog will present information from various sources of updates covering changes and features. This is a big addition to the existing set of official blogs, making it easier for anybody to find the most relevant news regarding from a single source.

12 Days of Microblogging and more!

Throughout the month Manton posted a series; 12 days of microblogging. In these posts he covers 12 different aspects of the platform, highlighting the breadth and depth of the platform such as features, the community, and more. An accompanying Help document was also posted.

Near the end of the month a special giveaway was launched, wherein existing members could invite people to the platform and those newcomers would receive 3 months of free hosting. This option was available for two weeks over the seasonal holiday period.

Elsewhere, external blogs were given performance improvements and troubleshooting for RSS and connection errors was updated to include visible reporting on the web. Finally, the Micro Monday podcast saw out the year with a New Year’s Eve Retrospective in which Jean took a look back at 2018 and specifically the first 10 episodes of the podcast itself.


  • Icro got a nice, steady update to continue the momentum Martin Hartl has maintained since its launch. As well as an updated appearance the app now has discovery categories in Discover and pagination. Meanwhile, Martin has spoken about working on a Mac app and previewed the next update for iOS, 1.3, which will include new themes.
  • Gluon had a fairly dramatic month, with no accessible updates but changes to its development. First it looked like Vincent Ritter was going to have to drop the Android version of the app but then later he turned that decision around to instead continue with renewed focus. This is great news for Android users, who will now have two third-party options from which to choose.
  • The Tagmoji Directory was updated.
  • Micro.threads now includes the Favorite function in the thread discovery section.

• • •

The momentum from autumn continued into December, especially when considering the general downturn in activity that often comes with the holiday season. It was great to see the 12 days of microblogging and more than a little encouraging to see so many people blogging about their end of the year.

With the new year now into full swing it’s also been fun to see both Manton and Jean talk about upcoming updates and further developments, as well as exciting ideas coming to fruition throughout the community. The first year of life for in the public was full of all kinds of interesting and significant activity, and there is every reason to think we’ll be seeing even more of that in 2019.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– Simon