This is the first edition of a new post type in which I cover recent updates to bugs and issues from across the core of, which is to say the official parts of the platform.

This is the latest set of updates for bugs and issues across

  • Arabica missing from credits: The new Arabica theme has not been added to the themes credit page.

  • Empty posts can be easily published: In the iOS app it is possible to accidentally send an empty post, since the Post button is active even when the text field is empty.

  • Images in Primrose are expanded: When using the Primrose theme, smaller images are increased in size to fit width defined in the CSS.

  • Markdown reference missing lists example: The document for help with Markdown doesn’t have lists as an example, despite there being a special space formatting requirement for use.

  • No JSON for category feeds: The feeds for categories are RSS only, with no JSON feed available.

  • Blockquotes poorly formatted when cross-posted: When cross-posting to Twitter, any blockquotes are not formatted well.

  • Ampersands in URLs are converted into &amp: When posting a link, if the URL contains an ampersand it is changed and thus the link is broken.

  • Post syncing to GitHub does not work: Automatic post syncing to GitHub continues to be deactivated.

  • Sidebar.js was broken: Sidebar.js had stopped working, since the code given in Help used http rather than https.

You can report bugs and get help using Slack, GitHub, email, and the @help account.