With February there has been a chance for everybody on Micro.blog to take a deep breath, ruminate upon the big updates of the previous month, and enjoy the smaller yet still significant changes sprinkled throughout this month.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on Micro.blog.

In the past month…

Category Expansion

Categories can now be used on iOS. You need to first create the categories on the web – where you can also delete them – and will then find them available via the gear icon in the New Post screen.

You can also use categories via IndieWeb publishing apps, such as OwnYourGram wherein Instagram hashtags are automatically converted into categories.

Further Development Tools and Support

There is a brand new API available for photos, with which developers can get recent photos for a user. This works for both Hosted and non-Hosted accounts.

Meanwhile, a new page has been added to Help covering IndieAuth for developers of both desktop and web apps.

Integrated archiving, new video support, and more!

You can now choose to save new posts to the Internet Archive automatically, using a setting in the Posts tab on the web. Also, you can find help with themes on the first video of the new Micro.blog YouTube channel, a screencast tutorial.

The official accounts and blogs were reorganised to better provide support and info, whilst Jean released the 50th episode of the Micro Monday podcast; her guest was Jonathan LaCour, developer of the Micro Memories and Microgram extensions.


Not only is it encouraging to still see this much development in what was ostensibly a quiet month, there has been continued activity in the general subject area of breaking free from the silos of the corporate web and getting back to blogging. Between posts, conversations, podcasts (new and old!), and steady progress across a variety of indie alternative projects it’s fair to say that the web at-large is fighting back against what we now know to be the corrupted parts of itself.

The end of the month saw the Micro Monday podcast hit 50 episodes whilst Manton hosted IndieWebCamp Austin. Micro.blog is part of a much greater idea than the platform alone, as represented by both of these events. It’ll be fun to see further progression of such things as the year passes, whether recurring or brand new; however, first, let’s see what March will bring us.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Simon